Ernesto Rodriguez di Paolo, 26.1 AI Podcast International Tour Continues

Brian and Don have worked hard over many years building community for Pythonistas. Wonder how many folks in the Python community knows about Uruguay as a hotbed of Python use. Tryolabs has been slinging Python and ML for the past ten years. Besides helping nearshore customers in the U.S. solve business challenges with AI, Tryolabs spun out a successful startup, MonkeyLearn. Ernesto Rodriguez di Paolo our guest for this episode presented MonkeyLearn for a PyCon Startup Row event hosted by Grace Law and SF Python. MonkeyLearn won over an impressive judging panel to win a place at PyCon Montreal 2015. Judging panel included bethanye McKinney Blount, founder of Compaas; Leah Culver, founder of Breaker; Bebe Chueh, founder of Atrium LTS; Kat Manalac, partner at Y Combinator; and Christine Spang, founder of Nylas.

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