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Don Miner: from early adoption to recently being acquired by Atos

Don Miner speaks candidly about his AI firm being acquired by 110k headcount Atos. He joins our host Brian Ray as a colleague. Dr. Miner was an early adopter of big data and grew into the AI space. Today, he continues to innovate yet still finds time to pay it forward, teaching his passion topics at University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Gert De Geyter: AI in Astrophysics applied to business

Gert De Geyter started his journey towards AI, modeling our galaxy as a notable astrophysics scholar. to He transitioned from academia to solving business problems using AI at Deloitte Belgium. He is now in the United State with Deloitte Consulting, based out of NYC. During this episode, Dr. De Geyter speaks about the universe of AI (pun intended by Brian Ray) and how it translates to adding business value in his practice. In this episode we cover everything from lightwaves to beer, and potatoes. Fries are Belgian!

COVID-19 Cure and Artificial Intelligence: Andrew Satz CEO of EVQLV

Traditional wet lab approaches to find a cure for COVID-19 could take decades. Using artificial intelligence, Andrew Satz and Brett Averso are saving ImmunoPrecise Antibodies years on years and millions of dollars in an attempt to find a novel coronavirus antibody. Where Brett concentrated on the technology for our listeners, Andrew adds his CEO view on the problem they're tackling. We publish another ad-hoc COVID-19 episode for our audience, as we all work towards solutions to this pandemic. Anybody working on COVID-19 tracking and cures, please let us know. We'd love to have you on and build awareness of your efforts. Email us, tweet at us, send us basket carrying Shar-Pei couriers. Please be safe! Remember, we're urging everyone to act in a predictive way. Current state is not necessarily our future reality.

Brett Averso: CTO at EVQLV solving CORONA with AI

The name "EVQLV" looks itself like a amino acid sequence. Digging deeper, Don and Brian share with our listeners this fast-paced startup leading the race to find a treatment for COVID-19. Brett Averso, CTO, talks about how EVQLV with a small team of Data Scientists use Machine Learning in the cloud to run simulations that would have taken months to years in just days. Novel AI; for a novel treatment; for a novel pandemic. Keep safe, keep a distance.

Check-in with our listeners in time of COVID-19

Hi folks, we just wanted to check-in with everybody. Our normal publishing time is 2am, Tuesday. Last week we missed publishing an episode, because we wanted to take a moment to ponder how best to serve you during this pandemic. If you're working on data science, analytics, ML, and AI related to COVID-19, we'd love to invite you join us and get help from our audience. As we seek guests who can help you understand where we're headed, we'll publish on an ad-hoc basis. Here's to all of you staying safe! Act in a predictive way.

Bryan Hale of Allen Institute for AI Incubator shares outlook on AI startups

Bryan Hale, managing director of AI2's incubator, shares what his org is doing to support AI entrepreneurs. We discuss favorable outcomes from Seattle's AI startup ecosystem like Turi and Bryan also includes actionable advice for new founders of AI startups.

Travis Oliphant -- the Pythonista who made Python relevant for science

Revisit the early days of Travis Oliphant's contributions to scientific Python and by extension Python's relevance to AI. Catch-up on the high energy, current efforts of the creator of NumPy, SciPy, Numba, and Conda. Travis also founded the NumFOCUS Foundation. NumFOCUS is backing Jupyter and Pandas. In this Episode, we break our 26.1 Minutes rule for a really great and important chat with this legend of Data Science. Enjoy an extra few minutes.

Scott Draeger on delivering AI

Scott helps customers apply AI, NLP, and ML to reduce their technical debt. He comes from the front lines document management industry for over 20 years and provides a unique perspective into the usefulness of AI.

Brian and Don recap episodes 11 through 20

Brian and Don recap the most recent ten episodes of 26.1 AI Podcast. For new listeners or anybody catching up on missed episodes, this edition provides a nice index to plan your listening. For those new to AI and looking to catch up to the wave of interest engulfing business leaders, great episode to learn keywords important for your study.

Dominique Davis : into the experience of Data Scientists

During this Episode we speak with Dominique about how she repurposed her academic research in the areas of neuroscience, music cognition, psycholinguistics, and multisensory perception for her current work in data science. She speaks about her progression from tools like Matlab to open source Python-based tools. We explore the value of diversity in the workspace.

Denny Lee of Databricks Joins Us

Our 19th episode's guest Denny Lee joins us to share some of the developments at Databricks. Also, he shares a persuasive argument that traditional data professionals like DBAs have a future in ML and AI.

Metis Data Science Bootcamp President & Founder, Jason Moss

"If you follow your passion and marry it with Data Science, it can really take you to great places," says Jason Moss. In 2013, Jason launched Metis a data science bootcamp (now a part of Kaplan). Starting in Boston as Ruby on Rails Bootcamp, Metis pivoted quickly into a Data Science Bootcamp six months later. Jason offers his opinions on the quickly changing job market tagged broadly as "Data Science." He speaks about the personal journeys of his motivated students who wish to take it to the next level. Our guest shares how curiosity drives students to do what they love and succeed n their careers.

Alex Poon AI automation from email to cures

This episode introduces our audience to perhaps one of the rarest AI practitioners, an AI serial entrepreneur. Alex Poon with his first AI startup, helped users recapture lost time spent scheduling meetings. also rehabilitated the term AI after a long winter for the discipline. Today’s visit with Alex, we revisit early days when he built and had to custom craft many tools available as readily accessible open source projects today. Our guest provides a comparison on building an AI startup a short five years ago and what's it take today. We discuss the high stakes involved when applying AI to human lives at AiCure. This week’s guest votes for AI as a positive force for advancing human knowledge and lives.

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