Peter Wang (part 2/2): CEO/founder Anaconda, Creator of PyData

Second part of our 2 part series with Anaconda founder and CEO, Peter Wang, we get to the core reason why this podcast exists. We want everybody more literate about the tech wave that promises to fundamentally change how we live. In this session, Peter reminds us how in the atomic age, people wanted nuclear underwear. With nuclear power, though, the possible devastation is palpable for a casual observer. Do average users of AI understand that irresponsibly deployed AI can harm people, societies, and the world around us? One tableau Peter draws to illustrate how folks may underestimate the destructive power of AI, is a table and a smart speaker in the room. Most consumers using smart speakers and associated assistant personas don't know that there's massive computing power behind the interaction. We come back to humans and the importance of practitioners to become Dirk Gently holistic detectives of AI. We come to a conclusion familiar to listeners. Experts deploying AI, need to take the wider view of our work and impact on humanity.

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