Creator of #NeverAgainTech Shreya Nallapati Joins 26.1 AI Podcast

Our guest this week Shreya Nallapati founded an organization to help prevent mass shootings. From the #NeverAgainTech website, a quote from Shreya explaining her passion for this project, "I founded this organization after hearing Emma Gonzalez's powerful speech. Growing up with Columbine, I was tired of hearing friends and family being impacted, without being able to do anything about it. So I naturally took the areas I am specialized in, artificial intelligence and data mining. Currently, over 105 teenagers, policymakers, and industry professionals are participating in this project." Importantly, Shreya contrasts #NeverAgainTech against vendors selling tech to law enforcement. Included in the comparison is what #NeverAgainTech has done to ensure they're not part of the problem with introducing a new form of bias with AI. In this episode, learn more about this rising star in AI. Thank you to our friend Ruthe Farmer of CSforALL and Last Mile Education Fund for introducing this week's guest.

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